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Welcome to Concierge International. 
We are just passionate about travel. For more than 30 years we have been supporting airlines and travel related service companies in delivering outstanding products and services to their customers. May we assist you, too?

Werner Koch, Gerontologist

CEO Concierge International 

Using various methods in service and entertainment design, I am glad to share my knowledge and experiences with you.                         

The world is forecast to undergo rapid population aging in the next several decades. Are you ready for that?

As a certified gerontologist and service enthusiast I mainly focus on product and service design for advanced age travellers. Older people do have some limitations due to the aging process. They have specific requirements when it comes to satisfy their needs getting information, entertainment and personal attention.

Age should be no barrier to the joy of travelling. So let's create an unforgettable and hassle-free travel experience for everyone.

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Our services

Our traveller related services will be customized according to your specific needs.                 Let's talk.

Airport Experience

Navigating an airport can be disorienting for elderly travellers. Let's find out how you can make their next trip less daunting. A mystery check or workhop will always provide new insights.

Onboard Service

Well-being on board is of particular importance for elderly travellers. Let's be creative together to bring your services a step further.

Maybe it's just a revamped in-between refreshment service that makes the difference.

Inflight Entertainment

Blockbusters are not for everyone. Advanced age passengers have not a wealth of ways to keep themselves amused.

Let's find out how we can help and what content we could produce for or provide to your IFE offer.

Employee Training

The role of knowledge about aging in creating young people's attitudes to the elderly is essential. And your key to successful service. Let's talk how we can assist your crew in providing even more caring service to those who need a little bit more attention.